Puzzle #2: Slitherdoku (again)

So, almost a year later, a second puzzle. Same type as my other entry; it's simply a 0-8 sudoku where the numbers 0-3 define a slitherlink. Of course, you have to go back and forth while solving. Have fun. Maybe I'll post something else before another 10 months have passed.

Puzzle #1 : Slitherdoku

OK, I'm not sure how long this journal will last, but this seems as good a place as any to put some puzzles, so without further ado...

Puzzle #1: Slitherdoku.

Rules: It's a sudoku with numbers 0-8, where all of the numbers from 0-3 define a slitherlink. For anybody unfamiliar with slitherlink (also known as fences puzzles), see this page. As my printer is currently not among the living, I'm not able to print the image, so I hope that this shade of gray allows for writing in the slitherlink lines without undue difficulty.

Warning: This isn't a partiularly easy puzzle.

EDIT: I rehosted the puzzle because it seemed to keep vanishing on the livejournal server. I also tweaked to a darker gray, hopefully it works well, if anybody ever sees/solves this puzzle.